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Pure S Boulardii

60 Capsules
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Our Saccharomyces Boulardii probiotic yeast supports healthy digestion & helps with occasional diarrhea, especially when traveling or eating out. †

Take 1 Capsule, Once a Day

5 billion CFUs
Beneficial probiotic yeast
Shelf stable
Vegetarian friendly
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"This supplement is helping my stomach a lot."

Lynn H, Verified Buyer

"It was recommended to me and has helped a lot."

TL, Verified Buyer

"Essential Stacks is always a great value for the purity of the product. "

Meghan K, Verified Buyer

"It’s been one of my front-line supplements for supporting my microbiome."

G, Verified Buyer

Why You’ll Love
Pure S Boulardii

  1. 1. 5 billion CFUs of S Boulardii probiotics per capsule
  2. 2. Shelf stable, so you can take it anywhere
  3. 3. Vegetarian friendly
  4. 4. No allergens - verified gluten, dairy & soy free

Designed For Sensitive Guts

Gluten Free
Gluten Free
Dairy Free
Dairy Free
Soy Free
Soy Free
Hypo Allergenic
3rd Party Verified
3rd Party Verified

Take 1 Capsule, Once a Day

  • Take 1 capsule with or without food
  • If experiencing diarrhea, speak to your healthcare professional about temporarily increasing serving size to 4 capsules daily (20 billion CFUs)
  • Shelf stable formula - does not require refrigeration
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Hear What Our Experts Think


Richelle Godwin BS, RDN

Registered Dietician (RDN)

This S Boulardii formulation uses the highly studied strain of Saccharomyces Boulardii, which is well known by its research for supporting gut health.


Dr. Joe Haines MD, MPH

Medical Doctor (MD)

Pure S Boulardii is made with 5 billion CFUs of good bacteria per capsule. And most importantly, it is shelf stable, meaning you don't need to keep it hidden away in your fridge.

Try Pure S Boulardii Risk-Free
We offer a risk-free money-back guarantee with your first order.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Use
Allergen Free Info
Who It Is For
When should I take Pure S Boulardii?
S Boulardii is flexible. Meaning you can take it anytime. Take it with meals or without. But if you take it with Smart Probiotic and you don’t want to have to remember when to take two different probiotics, take both of them ideally 30 minutes before a meal or at the start of a meal.
How should I take it?
Your choice: swallow the capsule with water or open the capsule and mix in food! (Unlike some other probiotic products, it is okay to take S Boulardii out of the capsule, as the hardy strain can survive the acidic journey through your stomach)
How much should I take?
Take one capsule 1-2 times daily. Studies suggest that a dose of 5-10 billion colony forming units (CFUs) are helpful for a variety of issues. Each capsule supplies 5 billion CFUs. With all of that said, if you're experiencing diarrhea, you can up your dose to 4 capsules a day while your fighting the porcelain throne!
How many servings / days supply?
Each bottle supplies 60 capsules. One capsule a day provides a two-month supply. Easy peasy math.
How should I store this?
No refrigeration is necessary. For best results, store in your pantry and keep it company right next to your other Essential Stacks digestive health supplements.
Does it contain gluten, dairy or soy?
No. Plus, it is 3rd party verified gluten, dairy and soy free.
Can I take Pure S Boulardii with other Essential Stacks products?
Yes, it especially pairs well with our prebiotic supplement, Friendly Prebiotics, as well as our broad spectrum probiotic blend, Smart Probiotic.
Can children take Pure S Boulardii?
We like to err on the safe side when it comes to children. So please consult with your child’s healthcare provider to determine if S Boulardii is okay for them and what the appropriate dose would be.
Can pregnant or nursing mothers take Pure S Boulardii?
We recommend you consult your physician before using this or any dietary supplement.
Are any medical issues contraindicated?
If you have any medical issues, please consult your physician before using this or any dietary supplement.
Can I take it with my medications?
If you are taking any medications, please consult your physician before using this or any dietary supplement.

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Pure S Boulardii

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Ira W.
United States United States

Still waiting.. to see

So far i haven't seem any results. Im dealing with leaky gut and acid reflux currently and trying to find a way Out ofnit

David K.
United States United States

Functional Medicine

This Yeast probiotic is excellent for your gut.This includes digestive issues as well as immunity support. This probiotic is pure without any fillers which is a plus.You can take this alongside your antibiotic too. In summary I give this PURE S.BOULARDII * * * * * stars. David H.Keyishian,RD.

Max D.
United States United States

It works!

Was surprised to see a probiotic that actually works. Tried a lot of them and nothing.

David H.Keyishian
United States United States

Functional Probiotic

My overall experience with Essential Stacks S.boulardii was a QUALITY and EXCELLENT probiotic.Very effective and clean ingredients without fillers. This probiotic is used for gut health as well as immune health which is very important.Without good gut health you will never be happy.Your gut controls your mood and brain which in return controls you. Essential Stacks is a very professional functional medicine company. Many thanks Essential Stacks. David H.Keyishian

Francesco S.
Canada Canada

Part of My Routine

This product has become an important part of my routine over the last two months. I love the fact that Essential Stacks takes the time to educate the public about gut health so that people can figure out which supplements are most relevant to their needs. If you need an S. Boulardii product but are overwhelmed by the number of options, rest assured that Essential Stacks is among the very best companies operating in the gut health space. I don't think that you'll regret your purchase!

Francesco S.
Canada Canada

An Excellent Product

I've been using this product for the better part of two months, and I'm a big fan. S. Boulardii can offer a range of benefits with respect to gut health. I love the fact that Essential Stacks posts online videos in order to educate people about how to use their products properly. It's so important to have strong guidance when it comes to gut health, because the number of supplements available in the marketplace can be overwhelming. Essential Stacks is a great company, and I'm expecting big things from them in the future.

Try Pure S Boulardii Risk-Free
We offer a risk-free money-back guarantee with your first order.