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World-class internship program for talented students majoring in Nutrition & Dietetics or Public Health.

If you are seeking credentialing as a future Registered Dietitian from an ACEND accredited and coordinated program, and want to join an internship program that allows you to directly improve the digestive health of 100,000s of people, we’d love to invite you to apply for the Essential Stacks Internship Program.


Help us educate the world about gut health from the comfort of your college campus, with our 100% remote internship program – designed to be accessible for all talented students, no matter where you live.

Your role will be to work alongside our amazing on-staff Registered Dietitians, including:

  • Help with research for our world-class nutrition resources and videos – spanning everything from the wondrous world of fiber through to the ideal GI Food Matrix for optimal gut health.
  • Assist with product formulations for new supplement and functional food products.
  • Create fun and easy-to-understand social media content for our audience.
  • Learn business & marketing skills to equip you with the knowledge you need to spread your message as you step into the role of being a Registered Dietitian, and an authority figure in health and nutrition education.



Work hours

Your internship will follow a regular Monday to Friday work week with an expected 8-hour work day. We request that a routine work schedule be followed for ease of collaboration with the team.

Although, in keeping with our commitment to flexibility, we are open to scheduling some accommodations provided there is appropriate communication with your RDN preceptor and all required internship hours are completed.


You will be expected to collaborate with your RDN preceptor on all agreed-upon work days and be available as-needed for teleconference meetings to discuss and collaborate on projects.

Task management

A daily summary email describing the tasks worked on each day will be requested. This is to ensure appropriate task prioritization as well as to monitor and ensure the internship is meeting all necessary requirements.

Nutrition research

As our mission is to provide world class products and nutrition information, much of this work requires an in-depth look into the latest nutrition research to provide relevant and up-to-date information.

Applicants should have some level of comfort or desire to work extensively in background research as this forms the foundation for all that we do.

Applicants should be adept in deciphering scientific research and will be expected to provide all original work.

Unpaid, but portfolio building

At this time the internship program is unpaid.  Our focus for you bringing you into the process of developing products and nutrition resources that you will be proud to display as a part of your professional portfolio. In particular, we see this opportunity as a great launching-pad into a non-traditional or entrepreneurial RDN role.

Business experience

You will also have the opportunity to play a role in company marketing efforts through development of social media content as well as outreach to industry contacts. This is a phenomenal chance to hone skills in marketing for those with future entrepreneurial career goals, and also to build relationships with a vast array of industry contacts.

Product development experience

You may be tasked in helping to develop product prototypes, as well as analyzing similar functional food products on the market.

What functional food ingredients are commonly being used? Are these ingredients effective or being provided in effective doses? What customer feedback are companies receiving on these products regarding palatability, affordability, and any potential side effects?

This market research and development will play a foundational role in our product formulation, and may also stimulate a sort of ‘watchdog’ series for our customer base to reference. We seek to develop world-class products, and likewise, we hope to provide information to create more aware and educated consumers.

Research skills

You must be willing to learn how to use software such as ESHA or USDA databases to conduct formal nutrition analyses on recipes or individual foods. Your RDN preceptor will be available to assist you in learning this skill.

Human resources experience

In addition, we would like to encourage you to learn foundational skills such as human resources, which can help to facilitate your future small business aspirations.

To this end you may be asked to research certain facets of California law as they pertain to human resources functions. While this will be a minimal portion of your internship, we hope to equip you with foundational knowledge so that you have an idea of where to start if and when you build your own business in the future.

Community outreach

In addition to gaining knowledge clinically as it relates to GI wellness, we would like you to significantly engage in community outreach and education on a variety of platforms. As we find ourselves interacting with various communities and industry contacts, our goal is to both be a helpful presence, while also observing the needs and struggles which are routinely brought up.

This will facilitate us developing more formal nutrition education guides and video content to address these concerns. Likewise, we would like to develop products formulated with these common GI issues in mind.




All applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.5 to be considered for this role.

Team focus

Our team is everything!  And so perhaps the biggest requirement we have of applicants, is that they have a similar teamwork mentality.

We pride ourselves in having a cohesive team, and our team is strengthened by the unique offerings each team member brings to the table. We hope this opportunity can afford you the ability to pursue individual success in the future and allow you to be more competitive in the job market.

However, we expect that your relationship with the team and other interns to be both professional and supportive, with the success of our team taking priority above all else. This collaborative mindset is the most important characteristic we are looking for in an intern.


ACEND accredited

At this time we are only seeking to offer internships to students attending an ACEND accredited, coordinated nutrition and dietetics program.

This internship will be catered to meet the needs of an administrative and community internship.

If you are interested in this opportunity and attend an ACEND accredited, coordinated program, we ask that you submit your expression of interest below and direct the appropriate personnel at your institution to this website page.


We are a fast-growing, mission-driven company focused on making good gut health effortless for people living busy lives.

This mission is driven by the foundational idea that ‘Good Gut Health Is Freedom’.  Since 2015 we have helped over 270,000 people on their path to freedom from digestive health issues.

The primary approach for achieving this has been through designing smart combinations (‘stacks’) of the most well researched and efficacious (‘essential’) dietary ingredients to help feed and nurture the gut.

Importantly, this has been delivered alongside a world class independent 3rd party hypoallergenic testing program. And in line with this, all of our manufacturing facilities are FDA registered, GMP certified and NSF certified, making them of the highest standard in the industry.

However, our belief is supplementation is exactly that – that it should supplement the most important factors of having a healthy diet and lifestyle. As such we truly believe that education in both diet and lifestyle should be the foundation of our offering to customers going forward.

With this in mind, we’ve been working towards creating a suite of no-cost nutrition resources, and have come to realize that many of the loudest voices in the gut health space today can be more committed to certain diet theories than they are to the truth, often lacking the credentials or education to speak knowledgeably on the subject.

This is a major concern, and the only way we know to counter this is to become the objective and evidenced-based voice in the gut health space that is currently lacking.

We recognize that our mission of educating the masses and improving the diet and lifestyle foundation on which people begin their journey towards better digestive health is no simple task.

Therefore, we can think of no better way to take on this challenge than with the help of bright individuals like yourself – each bringing  differing strengths and perspectives to the table.

With that, Essential Stacks is looking to offer an internship to talented students majoring in Nutrition & Dietetics or Public Health who are seeking credentialing as a future Registered Dietitian from an ACEND accredited, and coordinated program.


Your future, your internship.

As an intern of Essential Stacks you’ll enjoy a collaborative work environment, as we are highly receptive to feedback and ideas. Best of all, we aren’t just looking for you to work for us, we’d like to see how this opportunity can work for you!

Do you have a knack for recipe development or food photography?  A great on-camera presence?  An interest in writing articles or working behind the scenes in research and development?

While this internship affords a broad array of opportunities, we know you all bring different strengths to the table, and so we will look to work with you on an individual basis to bring your strengths to light.