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Banish Buddha Belly

Upgraded Betaine HCL

  • Eat like a caveman - Enjoy meals rich in dietary protein and fat (hello steak dinner), without worrying about bloating †
  • Perfect for gut-friendly diets - This formula supports digestion of the most popular foods eaten on diets like low carb, keto, paleo, low FODMAP, SCD etc †
  • No more embarrassing symptoms after meals - Our Upgraded Betaine HCL formula with pepsin, ox bile & digestive bitters, helps minimize loud toots, stinky belches and occasional bloating †
  • Let food be thy multivitamin - With better digestion you can absorb more nutrients (like B12, calcium and iron) from the healthy foods you eat †
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Designed For Sensitive Guts

Gluten Free
Hypo Allergenic
3rd Party Verified

The Digesting Superhero For Protein & Fat

Watch this 2-minute video to discover how Upgraded Betaine HCL can help you digest the most popular foods eaten on gut-friendly diets like keto, paleo & low FODMAP.

How It Works †

First, there’s the namesake ingredient, Betaine HCL (hydrochloric acid), which helps to increase stomach acid. And that's important, because in doing so, Betaine HCL activates pepsin, the main enzyme that breaks down protein.
Why add pepsin when Betaine HCL activates this enzyme? Glad you asked. We added the best quality pepsin available (undiluted & lactose-free) to reinforce your stomach’s natural supply of pepsin. This gives you extra support to fully break down protein into amino acids, which your body can then absorb and use.
And why did we add ox bile? Although, your liver already makes bile, sometimes it can use an extra hand. And with extra bile your digestive system can more easily break down dietary fats and absorb vitamins A, D, E and K. Those are the fat-soluble vitamins that support the immune system, eye health, graceful aging and cardiovascular health, among other awesome things. Pretty handy, right? Unsurprisingly, ox bile has been used for thousands of years in the traditional medicine systems of the Far East.
Ginger root and gentian root are two digestive aids that soothe the GI tract and stimulate the release of your own body’s digestive enzymes. Just as interestingly, digestive bitters like gentian, also kickstart your body’s production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach and bile in the liver.

How It Helps †

Minimize occasional bloating - Most HCL supplements on the market are just okay. But when you have a 'food baby' stuck in your belly, okay just won’t do. That's why we upgraded HCL to create a 5-ingredient digestion aid. Together, these 5 ingredients attack bloating from all angles. And best of all, they help your stomach and liver do more of what they already do: digest and absorb dietary protein and fats.
Increase your eating pleasure & food choices - Sure, plant-based, whole foods should be a staple of every diet. But when you’re craving an omelette, steak, or even fish tacos, you should be able to indulge without worrying about what’s going to happen after your meal. Now thanks to the combination of HCL, pepsin, bile and bitters, you'll have the confidence to dig in and enjoy!
Blissful bowel movements - Eating a meal with lots of protein and/or fat can back your system up. By activating pepsin and stimulating the production and release of bile, Upgraded Betaine HCL helps break down large food molecules into smaller ones. And that in turn helps food move along the digestive tract and lead to beautiful bowel movements (a.k.a. BBMs!).
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Why We Love This Product

Dr. Joe Haines MD
Medical Doctor
To help your gut to do what is does best, Upgraded Betaine HCL also contains digestive bitters, which can help stimulate your body’s own production of HCL, enzymes and bile. By developing a smarter and more balanced broad-spectrum formula, we believe this is an ideal digestion aid for people experiencing occasional bloating.
To help your gut to do what is does best, Upgraded Betaine HCL also contains digestive bitters, which can help stimulate your body’s own production of HCL, enzymes and bile. By developing a smarter and more balanced broad-spectrum formula, we believe this is an ideal digestion aid for people experiencing occasional bloating.
Bailey Franzen RDN
Registered Dietician
Upgraded Betaine HCL meets the highest purity standards across the board. Not only is it independently 3rd party verified gluten, dairy and soy free, but it is also free of GMOs, nuts, fish, shellfish, eggs, starch, yeast, artificial colors and flavors.
Richelle Godwin RDN
Registered Dietician
Upgraded Betaine HCL, takes the humble but powerful Betaine HCL, and evalates it with both Pepsin and Ox Bile, making it ideal for supporting both protein and fat digestion. This truly convenient combination specifically targets the types of foods we eat on a gut-friendly diet, as well as those are consume when eating a more varied diet.

How To Use
Upgraded Betaine HCL

How To Take

Suggested Use: Take 1 capsule at the beginning of each main meal, or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Caution: Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under 18 years of age, and individuals with a known medical condition should consult a physician before using this or any dietary supplement. Do not take this product out of the capsule. This product is contraindicated in patients with peptic ulcers. Discontinue immediately if a burning sensation occurs. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if safety seal is damaged or missing. Do not eat freshness packet enclosed. Store in a cool, dry place.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Product Formula
How To Use
Allergen Free Info
Who It Is For
What does Betaine HCL actually do?
Upgraded Betaine HCL is a 5-ingredient digestive aid that supports the body’s digestion of dietary fats and proteins. Meaning it can help you digest the fats in foods like avocado, salmon, nuts etc, while also aiding digestion of the protein in these foods. †
How can Betaine HCL, pepsin, bile, bitters & ginger help?
Betaine HCL helps promote stomach acid to the "Goldilocks zone", which helps to activate the enzyme pepsin. And pepsin is used to break down larger chunks of protein into smaller amino acids. To assist with protein metabolism, Upgraded Betaine HCL includes exogenous pepsin (porcine-derived). And to help you digest dietary fat, we added ox bile to combine forces with your own liver’s bile. Meanwhile, the two digestive bitters — gentian and ginger root - support your own body's digestive enzymes into action. What a team! †
What are the benefits of adding pepsin and bile to Betaine HCL?
When your digestive system needs a lot of help, taking a supplement that contains only hydrochloric acid (HCL) will probably not give you the iron stomach you’re hoping for. By adding pepsin, bile and digestive bitters, you’ll not only be supporting stomach acid production and increased gastric juices, you’ll also support your own digestive enzymes into action. †
How is Betaine HCL different to digestive enzymes?
On its own, Betaine HCL is technically not a digestive enzyme. Instead, HCL promotes healthy stomach acid, which is vital for the activation of pepsin, the protein-digesting enzyme in the stomach. So if you want to get a bit could call Betaine HCL a protein enzyme precursor. Kind of like a coach for enzymes! Meanwhile, if you’re looking strictly for digestive enzymes — which mostly start to work in the small intestine — consider our Pure Enzymes supplement, packed with 18-plant-based digestive enzymes. †
How is this supplement made?
The compound, Betaine HCl is synthetically made, while the pepsin we use is the highest quality: porcine-derived and undiluted at 1:15,000 strength. (Many pepsin supplements are diluted down to 1:3,000 strength or derived from much weaker Aspergillus fungus.) As the name implies, ox bile is derived from the bile of an ox, which has been used for thousands of years in the traditional medicine systems of the Far East. Finally, the digestive bitters, Gentian Root and Ginger Root are sourced from organic farms. †
How do I know if I should take this supplement?
Upgraded Betaine HCL may help if you experience any of the following symptoms after eating a meal that contains a significant amount of dietary fat or protein: gas, occasional bloating, flatulence, belching, GI discomfort, constipation or diarrhea. †
When should I take Upgraded Betaine HCL?
Take 1 capsule at the beginning of a meal that contains a significant amount of dietary protein and fat (approximately 20 grams or more of protein). If you forget to take it right before the first bite, this digestive aid can still be effective if taken during your meal.
How should I take it?
Swallow it in capsule form. Do not open the capsule.
How many capsules should I take?
Start with 1 capsule per meal and notice how you feel. If you experience no burning sensation or other discomfort, continue with 1 capsule at every protein-rich meal.
How many servings / days supply?
Each bottle contains 120 capsules. A serving size is one capsule. If you eat just one protein-rich meal per day, one bottle of Upgraded Betaine HCL will last you 4 months. And if you eat two such meals a day, then one bottle will last 2 months.
How should I store this?
Upgraded Betaine HCL does not need to be refrigerated. Store it in a cool, dry place.
How long till I feel a noticeable difference?
Upgraded Betaine HCL helps promote stomach acid levels and production of enzymes, while also supplying your body with extra enzymes & bile. So unsurprisingly, it may work within minutes of taking it. When taken consistently with protein-rich meals, individuals may see an improvement in symptoms within a relatively short period of time.
Does it contain gluten, dairy or soy?
No. Plus, it is 3rd party verified gluten, dairy and soy free.
Can I take Upgraded Betaine HCL with other Essential Stacks products?
Yes, it pairs well with our plant-based 18 digestive enzyme blend, Pure Enzymes. Meanwhile, if you take one of our probiotic supplements, we recommend taking it at least 1-2 hours before or after taking Upgraded Betaine HCL.
If I take Upgraded Betaine HCL, do I need Pure Enzymes?
Pure Enzymes helps digest all foods. Whereas Upgraded Betaine HCL is specifically helpful for meals that contain a significant amount of protein and/or fat, e.g. 20 grams or more. Many of our customers report enhanced digestion when taking both products. i.e. Upgraded Betaine HCL helps do the heavy lifting with protein and fats, while Pure Enzymes finishes the job, and of course helps with carbohydrates digestion.
Can children take Upgraded Betaine HCL?
We like to err on the safe side when it comes to children. So please consult with your child’s healthcare provider to determine if HCL is okay for them and what the appropriate dose would be.
Can pregnant or nursing mothers take Upgraded Betaine HCL?
Since research involving expecting- and breastfeeding mothers taking HCL is lacking, we recommend you consult your physician before using this or any dietary supplement.
Are any medical issues contraindicated?
If you have any medical issues, please consult your physician before using this or any dietary supplement. In particular, those with stomach ulcers, aka peptic ulcers, should avoid taking this supplement as increased hydrochloric acid can irritate ulcers. In addition, Betaine HCL should be avoided if you have gastritis (inflammation of the stomach lining).
Can I take it with my medications?
If you are taking any medications, please consult your physician before using this or any dietary supplement. In particular, Betaine HCL is not advised for people taking anti-inflammatory medications including: corticosteroids and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as aspirin and ibuprofen. These medications can irritate the lining of the stomach, which increases the risk of peptic ulcers when exposed to HCL.

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