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Finally, gut health made easy.

Our digestive health supplements range has been designed to help support your gut from top to bottom.  Making life easy.


Gut / Intestine

Make eating enjoyable.

Our bodies are usually very good at taking the food we eat and breaking it down into the nutrients it needs to thrive.  But sometimes, and especially with some foods (hello BBQ feast) we can use a helping hand.  That is where Betaine HCL & digestive enzymes come into play.

Betaine HCL upgraded with lactose-free pure pepsin, ox bile & organic ginger and gentian.  Digestion heaven!


Broad spectrum blend of 18 different enzymes to help you digest all foods you eat throughout a day.


Nurture your GI tract.

Our gastrointestinal tract (GI) thrives when it is supplied with a diverse range of amino acids and in the right amounts.  We can get these through food, eg via digesting a nice steak.  But sometimes it is easier and more effective to supplement directly with select amino acids, especially L-Glutamine and those found in collagen.

Say hello to our hypoallergenic pure L-Glutamine Powder…made to put a smile on your gut’s face!


Grass-fed, pasture-raised collagen peptides that your gut & skin can enjoy together.


Feed your microbiome.

Our microbiome, collection of bacteria in our gut, is like a garden.  So to help it thrive we should feed it the fuel it loves (prebiotics) and send more of the good guys down (probiotics, aka good bacteria).  Foods like sauerkraut can help, but can often be hard to make/buy, eat or tolerate due to high FODMAPs.  Supplements can thus be an extremely convenient & clean source.

Finally, you can get the fiber your microbiome (good bacteria) loves to feed on, without high FODMAPs.


One of the most researched and helpful ingredients in digestive health – hello beautiful bowel movements!


A collection of 11 of the most premium probiotic strains on the market & delivered at a powerful dose.