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About Us

We design world class digestive health supplements to make gut health easy.

Our company was founded on the idea that all health and wellbeing starts in the gut. And so from day one we have been focused on giving people the tools they need to support & nurture their gut easily, no matter how busy their lives are. Whilst whole foods are very important to this mission, we saw the opportunity to make life easier for people by creating smart & convenient dietary supplement combinations (‘stacks’) to support the GI tract from start to finish.


The supplements industry is broken.

From inflated health claims to quality control issues, the industry has long been plagued by problems.  But most frustrating to us is just how much the industry has completely neglected to address gut health. You see, despite it being the number one trending health issue of our time, the supplements industry is simply too busy trying to sell the latest fad or wonder ingredient (hello Amazonian berries that ‘melt fat’).  In particular, it saddens us how much the industry has failed to deliver targeted & efficacious pre/probiotics with clinically studied ingredients.  Given we’ve never lived in a more research-filled era, it is inexcusable that so few products reflect this abundance of scientific wisdom.  And of course, the industry has failed and continues to fail to deliver clean, gut-friendly formulas – i.e. hypoallergenic supplements without common allergens like gluten and dairy, or other impurities such as gut-irritating fillers and high FODMAP ingredients.  Lastly, and most frustrating from a consumer point of view, the industry has struggled to create convenient & smartly balanced formulas that are easy and affordable to take.  To all of this, we say no more!


We are fixing these problems so we can finally show your gut the love.

The number one thing we are doing to ensure we deliver you world class products, is formulating our ingredient combinations (‘stacks’) with input from experts across the four key fields of gut health – doctors, microbiologists, research scientists and holistic health experts such as Registered Dietitians (RDNs). By bringing the views of this diverse collection of authorities together, we are able to design supplements that help you to achieve your digestive health goals faster and easier.

We are 100% gut focused.

We don’t help people lose fat, gain muscle or otherwise become superman.  Instead, our sole focus is to help support your digestion, GI tract and microbiome.  That is it.  And that means we have the time and dedication to produce world class gut health supplements.  Most importantly for you, that means we choose the right ingredients, include them in balanced amounts and use the smartest encapsulation technology – eg our Smart Probiotic use DR encapsulation for optimal deliverability.  But even more crucial is what ingredients we say no to.  No to gut irritating fibers.  No to unnecessary fillers.  No to artificial flavors.  And all these no’s add up.

We pursue effective formulas. Uncompromisingly.

We spend 100s of hours diving deep into the research behind every formula we create to make sure it offers real support.  For example, when we designed Friendly Prebiotics we spent 30 hours debating the pros & cons of a single ingredient in it, the fiber Larch Arabinogalactan!  And even more time scrutinizing another ingredient, Partially Hydrolyzed Guar Gum.  Naturally, high quality clinical studies (read: peer reviewed, large sample size, materially significant outcomes) guide us most strongly in these critical analyses.  Importantly, we opt for ingredient specificity – especially with regards to prebiotic fibers and probiotic strains – as well as 3rd party stability testing, to ensure maximum efficacy throughout the life of each product.

We design clean formulas.

Since we ‘take what we make’, our team ruthlessly implements the highest purity standards.  Meaning no gluten, no dairy, no soy, no GMOs.  Instead, we are focused on creating best-in-class hypoallergenic products.  To ensure this high standard is upheld, we use independent 3rd party labs to verify every batch of our core digestive health products range – no skip lot testing.  Additionally, extensive purity testing is conducted for heavy metals, pesticide and microbiology.  We even conduct extreme allergen & purity testing on already-vetted organic products like our plant-based Friendly Prebiotics.  No stone is left unturned in search of purity.

We work with old-school honesty.

Our families consume our products and we formulate & operate accordingly.  That means open source, transparent labels, with ingredient specificity outlined and amounts clear to see (hello individual enzymes labels, goodbye proprietary enzyme blends).  Plus, we are also implementing an industry-leading tracing program, which will involve transferring our country of origin & supplier tracing to a public blockchain for ultimate transparency.

We make products that are crazy convenient.

Perhaps the biggest thing driving us is the desire to make supplements that intelligently combine (‘stack’) complementary ingredients, so you can nurture your gut with less products.  A good example of this is our Upgraded Betaine HCL, which brings together 5 unique ingredients to support the break down of food in both the stomach and intestine via an interplay of HCL, pepsin, bile, digestive bitters and ginger.  We think this approach is not only an amazing time saver, but also a cost effective way to get your daily digestive health supplements.  The way we want it for ourselves.  And the way it should be regardless.

We prefer vegetarian formulas. But efficacy decides.

To ensure people of all diet preferences can enjoy our product line, we always seek out vegetarian and vegan friendly ingredients. The only exception is when an animal-based ingredient is substantially more efficacious and can thus better help people achieve their health goals – eg porcine-based pepsin over a weaker vegetarian-sourced ‘pepsin’.  In the rare cases where this occurs, it is clearly labelled.  We think this approach makes the most sense, since your gut health is the priority.


Our vision for the future.

Going forward we will be utilizing our diverse team of health experts to roll out an unprecedented suite of advanced education tools to make living a gut-friendly lifestyle even easier for you. From painless weekly cooking systems to an AI-powered gut health chatbot assistant on your phone, we aim to eliminate every point of friction people experience on their journey to great gut health.

Early Access

Gain priority access to the beta version of our latest education tools.