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Registered Dietitian (RDN) Spokesperson

Initially on a Contract Basis


***Please note that as per the application process below, all applications must be sent to rdnapplicants[at]


Company Overview

We are a fast-growing, mission-driven company focused on making good gut health effortless for people living busy lives. This mission is driven by the foundational idea that ‘Good Gut Health Is Freedom’.

Since 2015 we have helped over 270,000 people on their path to freedom from digestive health issues. The primary approach for achieving this has been through designing smart combinations (‘stacks’) of the most well researched and efficacious (‘essential’) dietary ingredients to help feed and nurture the gut. Importantly, this has been delivered alongside a world class independent 3rd party hypoallergenic testing program. And in line with this, all our manufacturing facilities are FDA registered, GMP certified and NSF certified, making them of the highest standard in the industry.

However, our belief is supplementation is exactly that – that it should supplement the most important factors of having a healthy diet and lifestyle. As such we truly believe that education in both diet and lifestyle should be the foundation of our offering to customers going forward.

With this in mind, our team has spent the last year creating an advanced suite of educational tools which we are excited to share and promote to our digestive health community.

Most of our existing audience have come from word of mouth, which has resulted in our rapid growth. We are now excited to bring an RDN spokesperson into our team to promote our free education tools, world class formulations and most of all, create beautiful video content around the subject of gut health to further benefit our audience.


Position Overview

This role is for you to be a spokesperson for our company. Namely, educating our audience via video.

You will be talking about our products, educational tools, company mission and gut health in general.

We have decided that the smartest (and quickest) way to begin this relationship is by starting on a contract basis. If this goes well (which we are confident it will), we will be looking at moving you to a permanent position with a fixed and lucrative salary, where we will film longer, more in-depth videos, as well as beautiful feature-length documentaries, all revolving around digestive health.


Key Deliverables

The deliverables for this initial contract will be:

  • Approximately 13-15x 1-minute videos – as they are only 1-minute videos, they will all be conveniently filmed in 1 day. To see what each specific video will be about – see Appendix: Video Topics at the bottom of this brief.
  • This will include you previously reviewing our 1-minute scripts and rehearsing by yourself. We expect you to come on the day of shooting fully prepared for filming.
  • Be included on our team page – entailing your professional headshot, title and 50-word bio
  • Sign a release form for all video content to be property of Essential Stacks


Key Benefits

Our primary goal is to make this initial contract/project as easy as possible for you in terms of both time and preparation, so all you have to do is present. As such you will enjoy:

  • Scripts provided – we will provide the scripts, so you won’t have to write them.
  • Scripts of the highest quality – fully researched and referenced, non-salesy, well-written and entertaining.  I.e. scripts that will match your professional reputation in the community of health practitioners.
  • No travel necessary – we will fly to you for any recruiting interviews and filming – which makes the process super convenient.
  • Cinema-grade filming – we will be using high-end 4k-recording equipment and our expert editor, to create industry-leading quality film, so you will look extremely professional.


Our secondary goal is to help you further your own reputation and name in the industry. As such you will benefit from:

  • Large promotion campaigns – we will be driving significant ad spend to these videos via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and our own website. Importantly, your name will be prominent in all videos, and link to your own website/practice will be on our team page.
  • Having your say at all turns – we understand that it is your face on camera, so we are happy to go back and forth with you prior to the filming day to change the scripts according to your preferences.


Hours and Pay

Time commitment:

  • 1-day filming
  • 1-2 days of you reviewing our scripts and rehearsing (by yourself prior to filming)

Pay: $10,000

50% deposit upfront and 50% the day after film date.


Date and Location

Date of filming – a mutually suitable day between November 1 to 8.

Location – we will fly to you and setup a convenient and beautiful filming location.


Education and Experience

RDN credential itself, along with relevant professional education requirements. We will ask that you share proof of your qualification / accreditation before initial interview.

3+ year’s experience working as an RDN in the USA.


Our Ideal Candidate

  • Gut health knowledge – advanced knowledge about functional digestive health management, in particular modern dietary and lifestyle practices for IBS, bloating, diarrhea and constipation. Ideally, complementary knowledge about the best supplements to support such protocols, eg low FODMAP prebiotics etc.
  • Personality – bubbly, enthusiastic and caring – as these are the qualities we would love to capture on camera.
  • Communication skills – outstanding verbal and presentation skills are a must, given the nature of the video work.  And whilst we will be providing scripts for this initial work, eventually we would be looking for you to create original content, and as such the ability to communicate complex health topics in plain English is also important.
  • Extremely passionate about gut health – we are looking to completely change the digestive health industry, so that consumers can finally get clear information on what to do and high-quality products to make their lives easier. As such we want to work exclusively with people that have a similar level of hunger to deliver high-quality work and to be part of something larger than themselves. Our eventual goal is for you, as one of the leading spokespersons for the business, to become an extremely influential figure in the space. If your passion and interest in gut health has been formed through a personal journey with digestive health issues, even better, as we know this empathy will shine through in all communications with our audience.
  • Similar digestive health worldview as us – i.e. we don’t believe in the old food pyramids formed decades ago, we do recognize modern conditions such as leaky gut and we do believe diet, lifestyle and supplements can have a huge impact on the gut health of people.
  • US citizenship or PR in USA – this is required as we are not currently accepting applicants who require sponsorship to work in the US.



  1. First-round video interview via Zoom – between Sep 2nd and Sep 20th
  2. Second-round face-to-face interview with one of the owners (in your city) – between Sep 25th and Oct 8th
  3. Hiring decision made by Oct 14th


If you are the candidate who is hired:

  1. Oct 15th – contract and scripts will be delivered to you
  2. Oct 21st – contract signed and 50% payment
  3. A mutually suitable day between November 1 to 8 – filming and remainder 50% payment



If you are excited by this role and the potential to become a huge part of our mission going forward, here are the steps to apply:

1) Create a 1-2 minute video of you talking about the following:

  • Why you are excited to join the Essential Stacks team
  • Why you are passionate about gut health and any relevant specializations or expertise in digestive health
  • And anything else you would like to talk about


2) Email rdnapplicants[at] with the following:

  • Link to the video
  • Your resume – word doc or PDF

PLEASE do NOT submit your application via the form on this site, because our recruitment team is exclusively managing applications via our email inbox.


A note about video submission:

  • It doesn’t have to be professionally shot, a simple phone or webcam video will suffice. The point is simply to see how you communicate on video.
  • If you are unfamiliar with uploading and sharing videos, a private YouTube or Vimeo link will likeliest be the most convenient for you.


Application due date: 15th September


A Final Note

Also, please note that for applicants not chosen for this position, we will be offering a variety of editor / researcher roles later this year, which will involve diving deep into the latest and most exciting research in gut health. With flexible hours, ‘work from anywhere’ and full name recognition throughout subsequent published resources, as well as links back to your own website/practice, we think these roles will also be extremely exciting.

We look forward to hearing more about you and speaking in person!

Samantha Holmes

HR Manager, Essential Stacks


Appendix: Video Topics

Our 6 core digestive health products:

  • Pure Enzymes
  • Upgraded Betaine HCL
  • Smart Probiotic
  • Friendly Prebiotic
  • Gut Collagen
  • Gut Glutamine

Our 6 flagship educational tools:

  • Food matrix tool for digestive health – a traffic light system
  • Recipes ebook (note: this will contain some meat-based recipes)
  • Testing guide, including our elimination-reintroduction diet journal
  • Bloating guide
  • Diarrhea guide
  • Constipation guide

1 video for the home page of our website – largely about the company mission

Note: all these videos will be around 1 minute, so totaling up to approx 13 final minutes of film